Work by Dania Knotek

From new to old. (Present-2020):
Life Stinks Mug Collab with Juliet KingCrustomer MugToad and Shrooms Mug Collab with Alexa PattersonBroadside Print & Design Flamingo Crop Top and Teeme want fish wife design
cookie cup ceramicplanter ceramici might let you hit it for free ceramic cupfor you i might let you hit it for free ceramic cupwhat the hell chicken ceramic cuptea cupew a billionare empathiser baseball teelet's talk about death baby hoodieme want fish wife patch me want fish wife beaniescreaming skull patchcrybaby capitalist patchcrybaby capitalist toddler beaniecrybaby capitalist toddler baseball teegrudge sweatpantsgrudge pants and screaming skullgrudge sweat pantsblue moon face magnetpumpkin face magnetfour eye face magnetthanos long face magnetalien face magnetclown face magnetcoffee tea towellet's talk about death baby shirtsgimme ur shit shirtWorms 4 Brainssummer skellymidwest represent bleach tie dye hoodiefuck! mushroom girl ornamentbitter cakes printnot a political statement embroideryfloral folk embroideryi wear cuz i care embroideryfolk embroideryblossom boy planterthey tried to bury us planterscreaming skull teesscreaming skull stickerscreaming skull3d screaming skull teevegetarians relief printeagle screen print