Work by Juliet King

While Juliet’s degree emphasized in graphic design, she is skilled in a variety of other media including fiber arts, illustration, painting, and sculpture. She is always willing to try a new medium and widen her breadth of knowledge to make the coolest art possible. She picked up hand needle punching post-graduation and has been in love with it ever since! Of course, she still loves to utilize her graphic design knowledge through packaging, tags, logo commissions, and the web design of this very website!
From new to old. (Present-2020):
wouldn't it be fucked up if bugs were like that?wouldn't it be fucked up if bugs were like that?wouldn't it be fucked up if bugs were like that?peace out bitchpeace out bitchpeace out bitchi fart wisconsin cow illustrationbi pride crop topget lost booty shortsalien crochet bucket hatKMS zineKMS zineclown shit toteim lost rug totemoove bitch totegreeting cardsmilky martian rug plushcrochet cowhand hatu.f. hoes illustrationpeach milky martian jumbo needle punch rugsmaneki neko rugpeach milky martian illustrationcrochet alien bucket hat mushy mushroom heart ceramic jarpeach checkered mini ceramic pitcherget lost milky martian ceramic mugpeach bowl ceramiclost alien head ceramic planterbutton smiley face ceramic cupmy best friend mixed media collageyou're so sweet mixed media collageYou Can Eat Other Pickles in the Sea mixed media collageam i doing this right nutcracker mixed media collage2022 calendarget lost milky martian sweat pantsget lost milky martian sweat pantsdefine naughty cat illustration baseball teealien ornament needle punch rugeyeball ornaments needle punch rugsmouth eyeball ornament rugcat ornaments needle punch rugshere for a good time, not a long time patchhere for a good time not a long time beanieHungry? For eating pussy! Mixed Media collageEyeball toast mixed media collagewhen life gives you lemons mixed media collagelife's shit mixed media collagehappy pills mixed media collagetea time mixed media collagecowboy alien long sleeve teeapple fruit cat needle punched ruglime fruit cat rugraspberry fruit cat rugeyeball needle punch rugsmilky martian spilled milk patchmilky martian spilled milk patch on recycled beaniezombie juliet in yee fuckin' haw long sleeve hand dyed teemilky martian jumbo plush and milky martian cow abductionall eyes on me linoleum linocut relief print tie dyed bandana on corgiszombie juliet in creep kingdom bleach tie dye teecreep kingdom zombie bleach tie dye teedon't forget to wash your hands tea towel don't forget to wash your hands tea towelDon't forget to wash your hands and burn the infected zombie toweldon't forget to wash your hands tea towel furbidden fruit cat crochet bucket hatinside voices needle punch rug mirror diptych seriesoppossum idiot bitch inside voices rug duck you useless fuck inside voices rugshark it's gunna suck today inside voices rugbearded dragon you will die stupid inside voices rugfox you again? gross inside voices rugchicken wtf is wrong w/you inside voices rugcrocodile you're a lost cause inside voices rugswamp ass season full color designbe yourself coloring pagelive laugh love coloring pageshoot for the stars coloring pagesmile coloring pagesourpuss fruit cat baby shirt and buttonstiger print and cow print needle punched rugsmushroom rugs linocut relief print love letters and heart plushiesour first plague rat ornamenti survived 2020 plague doctor reindeer ornament krampus plushiesstamped tie dye scrunchiesall meep meep mother f*cker beaker teelemon embroiderybee embroiderycat embroiderygrapefruit embroidermushroom embroiderywatermelon embroideryi put the bi in bitch tie dye crop tophi im lesbian tie dye crop top hi welcome to chili's planterchris is that a weed planterso no head plantereverything is fine stickeri'm tired of agreeing to disagree tie dye tote bagi'm tired of agreeing to disagree teevegetarians for eating the rich bleach tie dye upcycled teesurp pinching hand t shirtmelting skeleton thunderstorm print