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Cheeky Peach Butt Cushion Pillow

Cheeky Peach Butt Cushion Pillow

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This cheeky little peach is perfect for sitting on. Use it as a couch cushion, floor cushion, or pillow. It's the perfect gift for your bootylicious lover.

A large needle punch rug punched by hand. She's eco-friendly too! Pillow filled with upcycled fabric scraps from other art projects. Made using cotton or upcycled acrylic yarn. Thank you to Meagan for the large donation of yarn from TacoCat Creations!!!  

*Care Instructions: please spot clean only. Do not machine wash. If there is a loose string, cut it with scissors and do not pull it.

*Each item is handmade so some minor variations may occur in these one-of-a-kind art products.

*You are supporting an artist and a small business with every purchase. Thank you for your support.

*Allergen Disclaimer: These products are made by a avid pet-owner (cats & dogs). Please beware of allergens. 

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