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They/Them Bones Banner | Relief Print | Dem Bones Parody

They/Them Bones Banner | Relief Print | Dem Bones Parody

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This hand-cut linoleum block is inspired by the iconic childrens’ song “Dem Bones.” You may remember from elementary school how the song very scientifically describes how the “neck bone is connected to the head bone,” along with other bones and their interconnectivity. They/Them Bones is a design for spooky scary enby folx who will never ever forget to “shake dem skeleton bones!”

One of a kind art print on a 100% cotton hand-dyed piece of fabric. Hand-carved linoleum block. Relief printed by hand. 

Care instructions: 

For best results, spot clean only with mild detergent.

Each item is handmade and prints are hand pulled so some minor variations may occur in these one-of-a-kind art products.

You are supporting an artist and a small business with every purchase. Thank you for your support.

Allergen Disclaimer: These products are made by an avid pet-owner (cats, dogs, and lizards). Please beware of allergens. 


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