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Custom Pet Portrait | Turn Your Pet Into A Rug!

Custom Pet Portrait | Turn Your Pet Into A Rug!

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Have your pets made into a hand-punched rug while helping raise funds for the artist’s cat Flapjack’s vet bills for his cat-allergies! 

Please email us a photo of your pet that will be used as a drawing reference ( 

Processing time may take up to 3-5 weeks after the photo has been emailed. Thank you for your patience!

Product description: Large needle-punched rug made using cotton monks cloth, acrylic and/or cotton yarn, Elmer’s glue, and backed with fabric and twine hanging hooks. 

*Care Instructions: please spot clean only. Do not machine wash. If there is a loose string, cut it with scissors and do not pull it.

*You are supporting an artist and a small business with every purchase. Thank you for your support.

*Allergen Disclaimer: These products are made by a pet-owner (cats & dogs). Please beware of allergens. 

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